Knee Infrared Therapeutic Device

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  • Infrared Therapy: 4pcs powerful built-in infrared light (700~50000nm) irradiation deeply penetrated into subcutaneous tissues.
  • Thermal Therapy: thermal radiation through 6pcs Halogen lamps, covering the whole knee zone
  • Magnetic therapy: powerful bio magnets embedded on acupuncture points of knee. 
  • High-concentration silver with high thermal conductivity on the warm guide can rapidly pass the thermal energy into the knee. 
  • Vibration Massage: Vibration could help you get most comfort and help you relaxed. 
  • Adjustable heating temperature: temperature range from 45 degree to 65 degree. 
  • Flexible: Device could be used any joints such as shoulder, elbow and knee joints. 
  • It can release heat, which can make u speed up the circulation of blood.
  • It stops automatically when it works after per 30mins.
  • It's sturdy and dependable.
  • Plug-in, no batteries needed.
  • Strongest vibrations and relieve tension.

Device benefits:

  • Relieve arthritis pain and soreness in joints 
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling 
  • Improve blood circulation and metabolism
  • Promote regeneration and wound healing 
  • Relax muscles and stop or prevent spasm

Knee joint physiotherapy application scope:

  • With sense of pain during walking on stairs or moving the joint
  • Extreme pain at the joint during climate change or cloudy weather (at low pressure)
  • Frequent sense of discomfort at the joint or lack of flexibility
  • joint swelling or rigidity in the afternoon or night after body movement

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